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Online Maritime Training Available from MITAGS

MITAGS offers online and blended maritime teaching courses through a partnership with Learn America. Students can now get the experience, expertise and excellence of MITAGS education and training in a more flexible curriculum. The blended courses reduce the on-campus time requirement, yet deliver the same renowned quality of a MITAGS education. Taking an online course lets students proceed through the different competencies at the speed they prefer.

Learn America uses KOLB’s 4 STAGE experiential learning cycle, connecting learners with student-centric, teacher-led instruction for a comprehensive learning experience. The online content from Learn America features sample problems and animated video explanations to facilitate and reinforce topics. You can visit Learn America’s website for more information about their coursework and teaching philosophy. 

Further down on this page, you can find the available online course offerings, as well as descriptions of what they contain.

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The Benefits of Online Maritime Courses

Online maritime courses share several of the same advantages found in other online college and university programs. If you’ve taken online courses in the past, you may find much of the process familiar to you. Consider the following benefits.

Establish Your Pace and Schedule

Online and blended maritime courses are less constrained by time, giving you the space to learn at the rate that feels most comfortable to you. Perhaps you prefer to do your coursework in the morning, or maybe you would rather focus on it in the evening. The flexibility of online courses can let you work your current job and do your training when you get home.

Control Your Classroom Environment

Online courses create a different learning environment than the traditional classroom you share with a group of other students and the instructor. As long as you have your laptop or device, you can choose where you want to work. Some people prefer their office desk with music playing to help them focus, while others enjoy lounging on their bed or couch.

Receive Immediate Feedback

Online course programs such as those from Learn America use digital quizzes to gauge your progress. The results can tell you how well you’ve done in the individual learning milestones. If you missed some information or need a refresher, you can generally revisit the material when necessary. Though you don’t have an instructor in the room, communicating online can get you speedy, personal answers to your questions.

Why Choose MITAGS for Learning Online?

Since 1967, MITAGS has evolved to become the world-class maritime training institution it is today. The MITAGS campuses provide the opportunity for hands-on, experiential learning at the basic or advanced level. We are always innovating and upgrading our classrooms and facilities so we can position ourselves at the front of the maritime industry. Our passionate instructors invest themselves in every student, guiding them to their highest academic achievements.

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Reach out to MITAGS online, or if you have any questions about these course offerings, speak to an advisor at the Admissions department by calling 1.866.656.5568. You can also email [email protected].


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