STCW 2010 Mate to Master Program


This STCW-2010 training program is designed for the experienced officer in charge of a navigational watch (Second & Third Officers) who is ready to upgrade to Chief Mate / Master management level. This complete program offers all the mandatory and optional training and assessment requirements to upgrade to the management level Chief Officer/Mate.

The MITAGS Mate to Master (CMM) program is thirteen weeks (65 days) of USCG National Maritime Center (NMC) approved training and simulations that provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to assume the duties and responsibilities of a Chief Mate and Master. The courses are constantly updated and taught by highly experienced Captain/Instructors. Where applicable, advanced simulation is incorporated into the courses. MITAGS has prepared more deck officers to move up to the management level than any school in the United States.

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Please note that as of 24 March 2014, with the implementation of USCG NVIC 10-14 (Ch-1) and NVIC 11-14 (Ch-1) the only courses that are MANDATORY, but do NOT complete all other assessment tasks as required by the NMC are:

  • 10 – Day Advanced Ship handling
  • 05 – Day Advanced Stability
  • 05 – Day Advanced Meteorology
  • 05 –Day Leadership & Managerial Skills
  • 10-day Medical Person-In Charge OR 5-day Ship/Shipboard Management (to satisfy Management of Medical Care training requirement)
  • 05 -Day Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS)

The following optional MITAGS CMM Courses are included within the MITAGS CMM Program and will complete the remaining eighty-one (81) tasks that are needed to upgrade OR you may complete these task onboard ship by a Management Level Deck Officer who is also a Qualified Assessor.

  • 10 – Day Advanced Cargo Operations/Cargo Handling & Stowage (Management Level)
  • 05 – Day Advanced Watchkeeping
  • 05 – Day Ship/Shipboard Management (Management of Medical Care is included in this class as well)
  • 05 – Day Marine Propulsion Plants
  • 05 – Day Voyage Planning & Electronic Navigation
  • 25 – Day License Advancement Program

Please note that the west coast campus offerings are no longer limited to ECDIS and Advanced Ship handling.  MITAGS’ west coast campus now offers the entire Mate to Master Program.

Although not part of the program, many students also enroll in optional courses such as Flashing Light, and Radar Renewal.

Eligible students may also access Veterans Benefits for CMM Courses.

MITAGS… “The Leader in Maritime Training and Simulation.

Chief Mate and man looking at a map

“The classes at MITAGS were long and time consuming, however the seeds that were planted have proven useful in my job. Not long after receiving my license, I was promoted to Chief Mate aboard my ship. It was rather sudden and with no introduction, other than the common knowledge I had acquired. The stability portion of my curriculum has come in handy, as I have built excel spreadsheet formulas from our classroom activity and use them to verify data. In reflection of my past tours at MITAGS, I can honestly say that I did not see the full benefits I was obtaining. Thus after my first tour as Chief Mate, I want to say “thank you” for your professional dedication in which I have pulled confidence upon.”

John Bilich

Alumni, Chief Mate / Master Program



A Chief Mate unlimited, also known as a Chief Officer, is second in command of ocean or near-coastal and self-propelled vessels of unlimited tonnage. In some cases, excluding passenger liners, a Chief Mate is referred to as a First Mate or First Officer. While synonymous with specific responsibilities, your title will often vary by the preferences of your maritime employer and the type of ship you are operating, as well as the employer’s nationality and trade.

Primary responsibilities of a Chief Cate, which are a focus of our training program for Chief Mate and Master, include:

  • Safety
  • Navigation
  • Training

Examples of your day-to-day tasks in this role include:

  • Overseeing the loading, storing, securing and unloading of standard and hazardous cargo
  • Watchstanding and ensuring compliance with regulations standards
  • Responding to emergencies resulting from cargo, weather, onboard fires, passing ships and more
  • Performing medical tasks to treat common accidents and illnesses aboard vessels

To ensure the quality of candidates, chief mate and chief mate unlimited requirements are thorough.


  • Valid Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC)
  • Age 21 years or older
  • S. citizenship
  • Comprehension of English
  • Standard or comprehensive medical certificate

To further qualify for a Chief Mate and Master course, you must also comply with the following sea service requirements:

  • Officer in Charge of Navigational Watch (OICNW) endorsement
  • Service as an OICNW for one year or 365 days on self-propelled vessels operating in oceans, near-coastal areas or the Great Lakes

Ensure your service time is correct, as well as compliant with the course requirements of chief mate and master, by reviewing the following:

  • Service in navigable inland waters, bays or sounds of the U.S. can consist of 50 percent of your total service.
  • Experience in a vessel’s engine department can provide 30 days of your total service.
  • Service on vessels with a Gross Register Tonnage (GRT) of 100 or more.

If you are interested in becoming a Chief Mate Unlimited, its requirements mandate that 50 percent of your sea service time is on a vessel with a 1600 GRT or more.

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) also requires you to complete the following courses — included in our training program for chief mate and master — to complete the chief mate exam:

  • Advanced Ship Handling
  • Advanced Stability
  • Advanced Meteorology
  • Leadership & Managerial Skills
  • Search and Rescue
  • Management of Medical Care
  • Advanced Firefighting
  • Basic Training

If you have completed Advanced Firefighting or Basic Training in the last five years, you do not need to retake them to meet the course requirements of Chief Mate and Master.

After finishing your training program for Chief Mate and Master, you may take the Chief Mate exam with the USCG. If you pass, you will apply to update your MMC.


At MITAGS we deliver comprehensive Chief Mate and Master program and individual courses that provide you with firsthand experience to build the necessary confidence, knowledge and skills to transition into the role of Chief Mate and Master with success. Our complete set of Chief Mate courses in Maryland, as well as select Chief Mate courses in Washington, offer you the opportunity to expand your mariner career by connecting you with regional and national maritime employers interested in a new Chief Mate and Master.

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