Continual Improvement Workshop Series®

Dione Lee, Co-Founder & President, QSE Solutions

Dione Lee is Co-founder and President of QSE Solutions. She has worked in the transportation industry since the late 1980s as a quality, safety, and environmental protection advisor, auditor, writer, speaker, facilitator, and instructor.

Personal Philosophy & Purpose

Life, in my opinion, is about learning and improving – it is not about being perfect. We make mistakes and hopefully grow as a result of them. It doesn’t mean we strive to make mistakes, it just means we accept and take responsibility for our mistakes, learn from them, and come up with actions to prevent them from happening again. Since the 1990s, our company has worked with many organizations who have this unceasing dedication towards excellence. Instead of shaming themselves or others when things go wrong, they lean-in and do their best to figure out what went wrong and learn as individuals and as an organizational team on what and how they can do better to continually Improve.

Management Systems provide this framework. During our QSE Continual Improvement Workshops©, we learn together on how to best utilize required Management System elements, like risk management or root cause analysis to improve, achieve, and sustain operational excellence.

— Dione Lee

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