Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get STCW certified?

This varies per license/endorsement. Please refer to the National Maritime Center website at to learn more about requirements regarding age limit, sea-service, training and more. If you are looking for the STCW course, however, we offer this training under the course title ‘Basic Training’, and you may search this course and available dates on our website here: 

What do I need to renew my license for STCW?

Licensed officers require a Basic Training Revalidation and an Advanced Fire-Fighting Revalidation course, if they have had at least 360 days of sea service within the last 6 months. If they have not had this minimum sea service, they require a Lifeboatman Refresher, a Basic Training Refresher and an Advanced Fire-Fighting Refresher instead. Mariners who have only had an original Basic Training course but not an Advanced Fire-Fighting course previously require only a Basic Training Revalidation/ Refresher and not an Advanced Fire-Fighting Revalidation/ Refresher.

Who can I talk to for advising on my license upgrade?

Please contact our Student Services Manager, Jenny Pitzen, for confidential career and license counseling at [email protected] or 206-739-0720.

I am a new MMP Offshore applicant – what training benefits do I have at MITAGS?

MMP Offshore applicants and members who have sailed at least 30 days onboard a MMP vessel may use up to four weeks of training and room/board at MITAGS within 6 months following their last date of discharge. One roundtrip transportation reimbursement may also be provided per eligibility period, depending on the policies of the MMP company with whom the applicant/member last sailed.

How can I register for classes?

You can register directly through our website by creating a web account, or by contacting the MITAGS Admissions office directly at 1-888-979-7340 or [email protected].

I am new to the industry – do you have entry-level training programs?

Our Maritime Apprenticeship Program is designed for entry-level mariners who have limited-to-no maritime experience. View more information by clicking here.

I am attending training at MITAGS' east coast campus and staying in your onsite hotel – can my family stay with me at the MITAGS hotel?

Yes. Children below age 12 may stay free of charge, and for any guests ages 12 or older we charge a fee of $59.00 per night. Your guests have access to all meals and recreational facilities. We have a limited number of suites/ family rooms available which you may put in a request for if you plan to bring your family.

Does your hotel in Baltimore have pet-friendly rooms?

Yes, we have a few pet-friendly rooms at our East Coast Campus which may be available upon request. We need to have record of your pet’s recent vaccinations, and we will charge a $75.00 room cleaning fee at check-out.

What is the nearest airport to your campus, and do you offer shuttle service?

The BWI (Baltimore Washington International) Airport is within a 10-minute drive of our East Coast campus. We provide complimentary shuttle service pick-up/ drop-off at the BWI Airport and Amtrak station, and the Linthicum Light Rail station. The number for shuttle pick-up is 410-859-5700 x 0. Guests should call for pick-up once they arrive at the airport, and the shuttle arrives within the half-hour to pick them up at one of our designated pick-up zones.

Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA-TAC) is within a 15-mile drive of our West Coast campus. Check with your hotel provider on access to shuttle service to and from the airport.

Do you have financial aid available for your courses/ programs?

We do not, as we are not federally accredited by the U.S. Department of Education.

Do you accept the use of the GI Bill® for your courses/ programs?

We do accept the use of the GI Bill® for our comprehensive training programs, according to our VA approval. MITAGS West Coast Campus, in particular, can also certify individual courses. For more information on obtaining VA approval for our training programs, please contact our Student Services Manager, Jenny Pitzen, at [email protected] or 206-739-0720.


GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

Do I need to bring anything for my Fire-Fighting/ Shiphandling/ Radar, etc. course?

Please refer to the course page of your specific course. Courses which require certain dress or tools/ instruments will list these items under the Course Description. If you are already registered in a course with us, please refer to the Special Course Requirements booklet which is attached to your Welcome Letter Confirmation. Courses which require specific items to bring are listed in that booklet. If it is not listed, you do not need to bring anything.

What is your Registration Process?

To enroll into a class or program, use the search bar located on the top of the page or explore our Courses or Programs pages to find the class you need.

Once you find the course you want to enroll in, click on the session date you are interested in and then ‘Add to Cart’.  You will be required to Log in or Create an Account before you can add a course to the cart.  You will have the option to login or create an account at the individual course page.

After completing your registration, an admissions representative will contact you shortly thereafter.  For assistance, call one of the numbers below or click here to submit a question.

At any time you may Contact Us via our website or email us at [email protected]

What are Admissions' Hours?

MITAGS admission representatives at our east coast campus are available from 0730 to 1630, Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. West coast campus admission representatives are available from 0700 to 1600 Pacific Coast Time.

What are the General Admission Requirements?

You must be at least 18 years of age with a vocational interest in the maritime industry. A signed enrollment agreement is required at time of registration. Individual programs and courses may have additional entrance requirements and related licensure or specific educational credentials. Please refer to the Courses or various Program pages of this website for additional details course and/or program requirements.

Confirmation of enrollment of a program is not complete until all admissions requirements have been met and paperwork has been received by Admissions.

What is the Enrollment Agreement?

To enroll in a MITAGS course, you must read and agree to the enrollment agreement. You can read the enrollment agreement by clicking on the following link: (NOTE: You do not have to read and/or sign these at this point, this is only for your review).

Enrollment Agreement

What is the Dress Code?

Business casual is the preferred dress at MITAGS  unless students are participating in outside or other non-classroom activities. This means closed end shoes or sneakers, pants, and shirt with a collar. If staying at MITAGS’ East Coast Campus, we recommend bringing exercise and swimming gear to take advantage of the recreational amenities.

What are the Special Course Requirements?

Please check the course page for special course requirements that may include dress code, pre-requisites, start / stop hours, equipment, etc.  The Special Course Requirements Guide is also helpful.

What are the Hotel and Transportion Accommodations?

MITAGS has hotel and transportation services available for students and guests at both their East Coast and West Coast campuses. For more information, please refer to our Lodging & Transportation page.

If you are attending class at MITAGS’ East Coast campus and elect not to stay in the hotel, there will be a facility fee charge for every day of the class in addition to the tuition.

Are Your Courses College Equivalent Credits?

Successful completion of the MITAGS Chief Mate/Master Program provides up to thirteen, equivalent credit hours toward a master’s degree in transportation logistics offered by the American Public Universities (APU). Additional majors and undergraduate degree equivalencies are under consideration. 

Maritime Apprentice Program/Workboat Mate students are also eligible to receive an AAS degree through Renton Technical College (requires the completion of 4 general ed. courses – only one having to be taken at RTC).

How Do I Get STCW Certified?

The process for becoming certified under the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) Code varies depending on which license or endorsement you pursue. Some endorsements and certifications allow you to perform different jobs on a vessel, so you’ll need to choose the appropriate certification program.

At MITAGS, we offer the basic STCW training you need to work on a vessel under the title Basic Training. You can find available dates for this course on our website.

How Do I Get Started in the Maritime Industry?

There are many ways to get started in the maritime industry. You can attend maritime school or start on a smaller vessel and work your way up. MITAGS uses an apprenticeship model to ensure students have the practical experience they need to begin their careers. Learn more about our apprenticeship program. 

Where Should I Stay While Attending Classes in Seattle?

We have relationships with several hotels near our Seattle location, including The Holiday Inn Seattle Center and Hotel Five. MITAGS students receive special rates when booking.

Where Should I Stay While Attending Classes in Baltimore?

We have hotel accommodations for students in Baltimore, which includes meals and discounted rates for longer stays. We can also help you arrange to share a room.

What Courses Are Required for Me to Renew My License?

The renewal courses you’ll need to take will depend on what license you have. Reach out to a school advisor for specific help.

What Courses Are Required for Me to Upgrade My License From AB to Mate?

To progress from AB to Mate, you’ll need to take our AB to Mate program. Designed for able seafarers with 1,080 days of service, this course will provide the STCW-2010 training requirements necessary to upgrade your license.

What Courses Are Required to Upgrade My License From Chief Mate to Master?

Our Chief Mate/Master (CMM) course includes the mandatory STCW-2010 training you need to advance to a Master management position, as well as the optional requirements for working at the Chief Mate level.

Do I Have to Take All My Program Courses at Once, or Can I Plan Them Around My Work Schedule?

We offer our AB to Mate and CMM courses multiple times throughout the year, so you can study around your work schedule. We may also be able to help you customize your course to suit your individual situation. Please reach out to a MITAGS advisor for more help planning your training — we want to help you reach your career goals any way we can.