Designated Person Ashore/Internal Auditor (DPA/IA) – Online

  • Length3 Days

Course Description

This 3-day workshop provides an overview of the Designated Person Ashore’s (DPA) roles, responsibilities, and authority within the Company’s Safety Management System (SMS), while exploring best practices to ensure a systematic and disciplined approach to internal auditing, evaluating and improving processes, and management system effectiveness.  This course combines in-depth knowledge with a practical approach to monitoring and verifying safety and pollution prevention activities toward achieving zero incidents. This course is part of the QSE Solutions Continual Improvement Workshop Series®. 

Prerequisites-  None.

Suggested Courses/Skills- None.

This course is not Eligible for the MATES Program.

What You Will Learn

Prepares the Participants:

  • To undertake the role, responsibilities, and authority as DPA to best assist with practical implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of the Company’s SMS.

  • For the internal audit function in the areas of establishing, implementing and maintaining an audit program; audit planning; conducting an audit; and, follow-up audit activities by applying recognized Quality and Safety Management System principles, processes, and techniques.

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  • CourseDesignated Person Ashore/Internal Auditor (DPA/IA) – Online
  • DateOct 11 2023 to Oct 13 2023
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