Corrosion and Coating Protection of Ships

  • Length90 Days

Course Description

The course contains discussion on corrosion of metal surfaces and its control and the type of coatings and the mechanism of protection provided by the coatings of paint. It explains the necessary surface preparation and the process of application of paints, especially on steel structures. It discusses the inspection and quality control methods involved in the painting process. The course describes how coatings can degrade in service, generate defects, and then fail. The course ends with a discussion on safety issues involving the painting operations.

This course comprises of seven main topics:

  • Corrosion and Its Prevention

  • Coating Types, their Mechanisms and Protection

  • Hull Fouling and Surface Preparation of Hull in Dry-dock

  • Application of Coatings

  • Inspection and Quality Control

  • Coating Degradation, Defects, and Failures

  • Safety in Painting Operations


This course will have an online access period of 90 days.

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  • CourseCorrosion and Coating Protection of Ships
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