Leadership Courses in the Maritime Industry

MITAGS and Training Partners have developed training curriculums for imparting leadership skills to those aspiring to grow in rank within maritime management positions.

Why Take Leadership Courses?

No two leadership styles are inherently similar. Students must discover the characteristics in themselves to lead the way that feels most natural to them. To develop this understanding, it requires time in the classroom, reviewing case studies of successful leadership styles and practices and absorbing the knowledge and tools of experienced leaders and mentors in the maritime industry.

The Importance of Continual Improvement in Your Career

Beyond gaining mental fortitude and critical thinking skills to lead and manage maritime operations and resources, you’ll need the knowledge, skills and abilities from training to advance in standing. The added value is both vital to avoid stagnation within your career. As senior officers and shoreside managers continually retire, the demand for qualified individuals to take their place keeps growing.You’ll also find that learning maritime leadership skills can bolster your professional development throughout other career fields. With experience taking charge and forging healthy relationships, you can be prepared to accept new responsibilities wherever your work takes you.

Leadership Courses Structured to Build Your Skills Both at Sea and Ashore

Below, you’ll find several courses offered at both MITAGS’ campuses designed to facilitate the acquisition of vital leadership and interpersonal information and skills. Learn more about each course’s objectives by navigating to their respective pages to find the right fit for your needs.

Leadership and Managerial Skills

Though a vessel is not a traditional workplace, and leadership skills aren’t as tangible as other physical tasks, various management roles coordinate crucial components of seafaring operations. When at sea, these leaders hold a team together through day-to-day operations and any unforeseen crises.

MITAGS conducts this leadership and managerial skills course to share instructors’ real-world experience of holding management positions with those seeking to take on advanced roles. This five-day session satisfies STCW 2010, multiple federal requirements for naval officers and management skills within the US Coast Guard.

Leadership and Teamworking Skills

This single-day leadership and teamworking skills course from MITAGS intended for entry-level professional mariners discusses positive behaviors and traits of effective leaders, practical decision-making processes and the essence of outstanding communication in maritime environments. Its content satisfies various federal and USCG competencies for leadership.

Leadership for Shoreside Management-Achieving Zero Incidents

This three-day Leadership for Shoreside Management – Achieving Zero Incidents workshop is part of the Continual Improvement Workshop Series™ developed by QSE Solutions and covers sound leadership principles with interwoven case studies, robust discussions, and practical examples of proven business applications to achieve zero incidents and operational excellence.

Why Choose MITAGS for Maritime Management Instruction?

Since 1972, the Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies has expanded considerably to grant sophisticated educational services for today’s seafarers. Surrounded by high-quality simulation technology and expert guidance from mentors, the MITAGS facilities offer the country’s best opportunities to launch or continue your training.

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