MITAGS recognized as a leader in research simulation

  MITAGS’ simulation partner Wärtsila has posted an article on its web site describing the growing role of simulation in port development and ship design.  The article highlights MITAGS’ role as not just a pioneer in the use of simulators, but an industry leader in application of new technologies and capabilities. It mentions one notable […]

How to Become a Tugboat Captain

Becoming a master of towing vessels — also known as a tugboat captain or tugboat pilot — may sound like an unusual career choice. But for many, a tugboat captain’s license unlocks a compelling vocation that’s hands-on, dynamic and financially secure. Why Get a Captain’s License? There are several professional and personal benefits you can […]

Good Housekeeping and Safe Working Practices for Vessels at Sea

Proper housekeeping and safe ship working practices ensure a comfortable working environment and are critical for staying safe on the open water. Establishing and following a set of health and safety guidelines can keep ships functioning at an optimal level. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about maintaining a clean, […]

Crowd Management in the Maritime Industry

Crowd management is the act of aiding and controlling large crowds aboard your ship and keeping passengers calm during emergencies or chaotic circumstances. Some common causes for crowd control on board passenger vessels include waiting lines at special events, public gathering spaces like pools, bars and buffet tables or hazardous situations like storms and fires. […]

Critical Decision-Making in the Maritime Industry

In the maritime industry, you often need to make decisions quickly and while under pressure. These decisions can have significant economical, safety and environmental consequences, so it’s crucial to have solid decision-making skills. Find tips for improving your maritime decision-making skills below. What Is Critical Decision-Making? Critical decision-making involves systematically gathering and evaluating information to make […]

ROM Quarantine and Military Sealift Command

Close-quarters ships are no place for a fast-spreading virus. You can imagine how quickly diseases move when a large group of people is gathered in one place for a long time. To prevent this scenario from playing out, the United States Navy, and, more specifically, the Military Sealift Command, can impose a Restriction of Movement […]