What People Are Saying About Us

“As a developer, stakeholder engagement is paramount to the successful development of projects. MITAGS has made our vision a reality through its navigation simulator, which allows the user to conceptualize the magnitude and layout of the wind farm resulting in a clearer understanding of the project rather than simply looking over charts and drawings on paper…MITAGS’ innovation in developing both simulated wind farms and realistic vessel models will significantly contribute to navigation safety and familiarity as the new industry is making its way into the U.S. market.”

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Elizabeth Kretovic

Mid-Atlantic Marine Affairs Manager, Ørsted Offshore North America

Dear Michele,

Thank you so much for organizing the opportunity for the crew of Seattle’s Tall Ship to attend the MITAGS First Aid/CPR BST class.

The instructor, Chris Piper, went out of his way to make the class relevant to our operation. His knowledge of first aid was impressive and the content far exceeded what I am familiar with from years of doing the Red Cross version. I heartily recommend this class for mariners who want to be prepared for real emergencies versus just going through the motions to get their certification.

I am excited to continue a relationship between Seattle’s Tall Ship and MITAGS.

Noah Waldman

Owner, Captain, Seattle's Tall Ship

As engineers and navigation channel designers, we have found MITAGS to be exceptional in providing near real world ship simulation data to evaluate and make safe, sound and economical management decisions for vessel navigation, channel geometries, docking, undocking, wave/swell forces, wind, tides and currents and other environmental factors and operational procedures.

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Dennis C. Urso, PE

Vice President, Gahagan & Bryant Associates, Inc.

The Bermuda Government Department of Marine & Ports Services has worked with the MMP MATES Program, undertaking business at MITAGS, on numerous vessel simulation projects, including port development, over the years. We have found their staff to be very professional, and the quality of the simulation facilities to be among the best in the United States.

Read Captain Cann’s full letter of recommendation by clicking here.

Captain Rudolph W. Cann

Director, Gov. of Bermuda, Ministry of Tourism & Transport: Department of Marine & Ports Services

The facility and staff were excellent in every respect from Registrar to Admissions to housekeeping to the facility in general. I would rate it highest in all categories.

Keith Fawcett

Acting VTS Director, Lower Mississippi

The greatest benefit of working with MITAGS is their ability to quickly develop relevant and engaging content for our pilots. In addition, the option of training at either their East and/or West Coast campuses, provides us with tremendous flexibility.

Captain Douglas Grubbs

Crescent River Pilots

The tug bridge simulator at MITAGS’ West Coast Campus has proven to be an invaluable tool to asses the capabilities of new deck officers and their ability to manage a complex navigation and watch standing situation. We are now able to objectively benchmark their skill level from the outset and know which areas to focus on during their training and indoctrination voyages.

Chris Peterson

Vice President, Crowley Marine Services

MITAGS has a special group of people. We as members of the Masters, Mates Pilots are truly lucky to be able to work with the instructors and staff at MITAGS. I will forever support, promote and champion MITAGS and the AB to Mate Program. I look forward to the Chief Mate / Master Program. 

Gregory Ferris

Able Seaman to Mate Graduate, IOMMP

Captain Al, the classes at MITAGS were long and time consuming, however the seeds that were planted have proven useful in my job. Not long after receiving my license, I was promoted to Chief Mate aboard my ship. It was rather sudden and with no introduction, other than the common knowledge I had acquired. The stability portion of my curriculum has come in handy, as I have built excel spreadsheet formulas from our classroom activity and use them to verify data. In reflection of my past tours at MITAGS, I can honestly say that I did not see the full benefits I was obtaining. Thus after my first tour as Chief Mate, I want to say ‘thank you’ for your professional dedication in which I have pulled confidence upon.

John Bilich

Alumni, Chief Mate / Master Program

Before I took your class I knew basically nothing about these ASDs; I jumped on the tractor tug the other day and applied what you taught me and wham! Pulled it off like I knew what I was doing! Pretty cool feeling! Thanks!

Captain Rip Claunch

On behalf of APL Maritime, I would like to express my appreciation for the presentations and support provided by MITAGS during the APL Maritime Senior Officer Conference held  at the Maritime Conference Center. This conference was attended by over 80 permanent Masters, Mates, Chiefs and First Engineers of our fleet along with shore side support staff from both coasts of the United States and by all accounts was a tremendous success. Your support during the planning and actual conference ensured the successful results. Yours is a quality facility staffed with true professionals. 

Brian Peter

Director of Safety, Quality and Environment (SQEMS), APL Maritime

Thanks again for providing Navy Region Northwest with the best training opportunities available on the West Coast with MITAGS’ state-of-the-art Tug/Ship Simulator and operators with Captain Jeff Slesinger’s (Delphi Maritime) professional tutelage in ASD tug instruction. Thank you for the thoughtful and concise assessment of each student. This provides the independent feedback needed for each of these individuals to think with their head or think with their hands when continuing their process to excellence in becoming an ASD Tug Master for Navy Region Northwest.  

Jay Anderson

Port Captain, Navy Region Northwest

I cannot say enough about the staff of MITAGS and their quality training products. Their staff is technically competent and very responsive which makes their training programs superior to their competition. I have been impressed with the personalized service with every training program I have attended. MITAGS is truly dedicated to their customers and their customer’s success. MITAGS has always been ready to serve us with their long years of experience; just as we service the States of New York and New Jersey since 1694. 

Henry Mahlmann

President, Sandy Hook Pilots Association

Maritime Apprenticeship Program Testimonials

So far the Workboat Academy graduates that I have worked with have been excellent. Their course curriculum and ample entry level work experience while attending school combine to produce the most finished product that I have sailed with as of yet.

Captain Mike Leslie

It is our contention that graduates of the Workboat Academy entering our fleet may be the most well-rounded and thoroughly prepared mates available to the industry today.

Mr. Dale Sause

Owner, Sause Brothers

After careful review, this Workboat Academy Program is based on sound pedagogy and a careful consideration of the standards that must be met by the graduates. It is an intense, demanding program. Good! We want competent people on the bridge.

Dr. Allen Glen

Dean Emeritus, University of Washington

Harley Marine Services is impressed and pleased with the Workboat Academy Cadets that we have so far. HMS as a whole feels that this is a very worthwhile program and we want to do all we can to make it a success.

Captain Scott Manley

Director of Marine Operations, Harley Marine Services