Contract Management for Shipbuilding and Repairs

  • Length90 Days

Course Description

One of the primary objectives of this ABS approved course is for the ship managers engaged in a shipbuilding project to be able to arrest any problems from the work-in-progress, so that it can be corrected in time for mutual benefit of the shipowner and the yard. The shipyard project managers will equally benefit from this course toward developing his/her understanding of the shipowner's needs and perspective in getting a ship that is operationally safe and profitable to operate. This course emphasizes that the success of a contract is when both the buyer and the seller conclude a contract to satisfaction and benefits both their respective organizations.

This course comprises of eight main topics:

  • Contract and Project Management

  • Contract for Ship Construction

  • Understanding the Shipyard Work Process

  • Procurement and Production Management in Shipbuilding

  • Shipbuilding and Utilization of Labor

  • Project Management

  • Commissioning and Sea Trials

  • Risk Management and Case studies of Contracts gone wrong


This course will have an online access period of 90 days.

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  • CourseContract Management for Shipbuilding and Repairs
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