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    MITAGS COVID-19 Update:

    MITAGS East and West Coast Campuses have reopened for training! We hope you and your family have remained safe and healthy during the pandemic.

    Maryland is now in phase three, and King County, Washington (where MITAGS-West is located) is in a modified phase two.  This allows for limited re-openings of certain operations, including in-person activities at MITAGS’ East and West Coast Campuses. Both campuses opened for training on May 31, 2020. The hotel at MITAGS East opened on Saturday, May 30, 2020, and rooms are available. For those needing lodging in Seattle, we have negotiated exceptionally low prices for our students, although none of our hotel partners are currently offering shuttle service. Check out the accommodation options on our website at https://www.mitags.org/seattle-accommodations/

    MITAGS and the Maritime Conference Center (MCC) are following policies and procedures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission to the best of our abilities. Our policies are based on the latest safety guidance from the CDC, state health departments, Coast Guard, and other regulatory authorities. Our procedures will continue to evolve to reflect new guidance and information as it becomes available.

    You play a critical role in the success of these procedures by rigorously adhering to best practices for hygiene and infection control. Collectively, we are only as strong as the “weakest link in the chain.”

    The buttons below take you to a series of policies and procedures for attending training at either MITAGS campus during this COVID‐19 health crisis, as well as a list of self‐screening questions you are required to answer.

    Prior to attending any training at MITAGS, you must read the appropriate MITAGS COVID‐19 Policy, acknowledge receipt of the Policy and indicate your acceptance of the Policy by emailing the statement provided for you at the end of the documents to Admissions.East@mitags.org or Admissions.West@mitags.org.

    Students that do not return the statement electronically or otherwise provide a signed copy of the COVID‐19 Policy will be denied access to campus.

    We look forward to seeing you again soon!



    Safe Working Practices in the Engine Room

    Ship engine room safety is paramount. As the power center of your vessel, dysfunctional engine rooms can produce mechanical errors, downed machinery, discord and — most pressingly — extreme safety hazards for your crew. Given a cargo ship engine room’s unique environment, it requires equally unique safety practices compared to other areas of your vessel. These […]

    MITAGS launches NAV-SAFE Digital Voyages – a new BRM and COLREGS assessment tool

    MITAGS is starting the new year with the introduction of an exciting new type of training and assessment tool. NAV-SAFE Digital Voyages combine the interaction of a video game with the science of skills assessment. NAV-SAFE is a digital learning product which can be loaded onto a company's Learning Management System (LMS), or accessed via the internet.  This means mariners can access the product while working at sea or from home on their time off, without having to travel to a distant training center. NAV-SAFE uses technology drawn from MITAGS's powerful Wärtsilä bridge simulators combined with a polished learning experience developed in association with UK-based KILO Solutions.  Participants in a Digital Voyage navigate a ship through a challenging series of interactions with other ships, navigational hazards and weather activity. They make decisions based not only on visual information, but interpretation of data from Radar and ECDIS, and voice communications over VHF radio with other ships, traffic control and their own lookouts.

    jon kjaerulff web headshot from mitags

    Capt. Jonathan Kjaerulff promoted to Director of Business Development

    Effective January 1, 2021, Capt. Jonathan (Jon) Kjaerulff has assumed the duties of Director of Business Development at MITAGS. Jon succeeds Capt. Bob Becker, who is retiring this year, but will maintain his association with MITAGS as a consultant. With this new promotion, and as a member of the senior management team at MITAGS, Jon’s mission is to identify customer needs and craft solutions in all the areas where MITAGS operates – not just training, but in customized simulation, research and apprenticeship programs. Jon is also helping MITAGS implement new and exciting training and assessment methodologies, such as Digital Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality. “This is a very exciting and challenging time to be in the training business,” says Jon. “So many basic concepts about how, where and to whom we provide instruction and assessment have changed in the last few months. Our customers demand quality programs that can be delivered more effectively and efficiently, which respect their employees’ time but also enhance their knowledge and safety skills.  As the world changes around us, I look forward to helping MITAGS navigate these new, uncharted waters while maintaining our position as the Leader in Maritime Training and Simulation.”

    Featured Courses

    Simulation Capabilities and Facilities

    Simulation Capabilities and Facilities

    MITAGS has simulation research capabilities at our campuses in Baltimore, Maryland and Seattle, Washington.

    Our team of experts, strategic partners and simulation facilities are unequaled.


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    Our Programs

    Maritime Apprenticeship Program

    Used to develop high-quality mariner, the MITAGS Maritime Apprenticeship Program (MAP) provides all of the maritime training and support necessary to obtain a Mate’s license. More importantly, the program instills the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take on the duties and responsibilities of a Deck Officer.

    The 28-month program is divided between approximately 26 weeks of classroom training and 360 calendar days of training at sea.  Some Apprentices have been able to finish the program in as little as 24 months.  The program provides all of the maritime training and support necessary to obtain a Mate’s license. More importantly, the program instills the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take on the duties and responsibilities of a Deck Officer. The program is organized so that every shore-based training phase is reinforced by simulation and on-board maritime training. This approach allows Apprentices to immediately apply their new knowledge on the job.  Each phase builds on the previous phase, allowing skill development to progress gradually and logically.

    AB to Mate Program

    This program is designed for able seafarers that have 1080 days of sea service.  It will provide all of the STCW-2010 training requirements needed to attain an STCW Officer In Charge of a Navigation Watch (OICNW) and a USCG Third Mate Oceans or Near Coastal License.  Optional courses are available to attain endorsements for Tankerman Person In Charge (TPIC), Medical Person In Charge (Med-PIC) and other endorsements for candidates with the requisite sea service. Completion of the program will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to take on the duties and responsibilities of a Mate.

    Our goal is to support mariners and provide a professional, relaxed atmosphere to assist in the completion of this demanding program.  MITAGS strives to bring real shipboard experience and relevance to all of the courses.  Advanced simulation technology is used in many of classes to complete assessments and develop professional skill sets.  Additionally, the Institutes make use of experienced and talented instructors to help “bring the material alive.”

    STCW 2010 Chief Mate to Master Program

    This STCW-2010 training program is designed for the experienced officer in charge of a navigational watch (Second & Third Officers) who is ready to upgrade to Chief Mate / Master management level. This complete program offers all the mandatory and optional training and assessment requirements to upgrade to the management level Chief Officer/Mate.

    The MITAGS Chief Mate / Master (CMM) program is thirteen weeks (65 days) of USCG National Maritime Center (NMC) approved training and simulations that provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to assume the duties and responsibilities of a Chief Mate and Master. The courses are constantly updated and taught by highly experienced Captain/Instructors. Where applicable, advanced simulation is incorporated into the courses. MITAGS has prepared more deck officers to move up to the management level than any school in the United States.



    With the launch of our new website and new logo, MITAGS-PMI has transitioned to MITAGS! The new branding seeks to express MITAGS’ identity as one school with two campuses (East Coast and West Coast). To read more about this change, click here.

    Don’t worry! We are still the same school, on both coasts, with the same high-quality maritime training and education to which our students have become accustomed. 

    Check out some of our featured maritime courses below, as well as other news and announcements, and frequently asked questions.

    Need further assistance? Contact a school advisor today!

    We look forward to having you in one of our classrooms or simulators soon!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get STCW certified?

    This varies per license/ endorsement. Please refer to the National Maritime Center website at https://www.dco.uscg.mil/national_maritime_center/. If you are looking for the STCW course, however, we offer this training under the course title ‘Basic Training’, and you may search this course and available dates on our website here: https://www.mitags.org/course/basic-training/  

    I am a new MMP Offshore applicant – what training benefits do I have at MITAGS?

    MMP Offshore applicants and members who have sailed at least 30 days on board a MMP vessel may use up to four weeks of training and room/board at MITAGS within 6 months following their last date of discharge. One round trip transportation reimbursement may also be provided per eligibility period, depending on the policies of the MMP company with whom the applicant/member last sailed.

    I am new to the industry – do you have entry-level training programs?

    Our Maritime Apprenticeship Program is designed for entry-level mariners who have limited-to-no maritime experience. View more information by. View more information about the program here: https://maritimeapprenticeship.org.

    Do you accept the use of the GI Bill® for your courses/ programs?

    We do accept the use of the GI Bill® for our comprehensive training programs, according to our VA approval. MITAGS West Coast Campus, in particular, can also certify individual courses.  For more information on obtaining VA approval for our training programs, please contact our Student Services Manager, Jenny Pitzen, at jpitzen@mates.org or 206-739-0720.


    GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at https://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.

    What People Are Saying About Us

    Moussa Dabo

    Chief Pilot

    "MITAGS' Chief Mate Master Program focused on the essential materials and practical knowledge needed to succeed and advance my career. Your experienced instructors are valuable resources, as they all had a long careers at sea prior to being in the classroom. Sharing their experiences and other case studies with us was truly insightful and helped with my success."

    Christopher Aiello

    APL Maritime, Ltd.

    "Jerry Hasselbach, David and Olav were great instructors. Jerry, especially. He stuck by me when I did not pass the course previously and made me go out and get better – and I did. To pass the course now has been great, and I will forever be grateful and learn from this experience.”

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    MITAGS provides the most comprehensive theoretical and practical maritime training programs, which are approved by the United States Coast Guard (USCG).

    As a respected provider of award-winning maritime training courses, MITAGS is a trusted choice for anticipated and experienced mariners. Our maritime training school in Washington, as well as Maryland, offer hands-on training with the newest technologies and access to skilled mariners with decades of experience. As well, our more than 40 years of expertise lets us connect you with regional and national maritime employers seeking exceptional candidates.


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