MITAGS STCW Revalidation / Refresher and Upgrade Courses Available Now

STCW and National Regulations in force as of 1/1/17

The revalidation / refresher training must be taken every 3 or 5 years.  Note that several of the 1-day seminars (MED-DOT, HAZMAT, radar) can usually be scheduled “on demand” in the evenings or on weekends.  Please check with Admissions.  The PSC refresher is under development and expected to be on the schedule 2018.

STCW Upgrade Requirements

STCW also requires mandatory training and assessment for the following credentials.  They include:

  • Officer in Charge of a Navigation Watch (OICNW)
  • Officer in Charge of an Engineroom Wacth (OICEW)
  • Chief/Mate / Master
  • First/Chief Engineer

Please click here to download the MITAGS Revalidation / Refresher and Upgrade Courses Flyer.