Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

  • Length1 Days
  • Pre-requisiteNone

Course Description

This course (MITPMI-359) is designed to train all seafarers in complying with emergency procedures, preventing pollution of the marine environment, observing safe work practices, fostering clear and effective communications aboard the ship, and maintaining good working relationships. This course is also part of the Basic Safety Training course. This module is one of the four elements (first aid and CPR, fire-fighting, personal survival, personal and social responsibility) necessary for STCW 2010 Basic Training (BT).  BT is required for all mariners with safety or emergency duties sailing on vessels 200 GRT tons or greater on near coastal or ocean voyages.

This course satisfies the following STCW 2010 and CFR training requirements:

  • Section A-VI/1 and Table A-VI/1-4 of the STCW Code, as amended 2010
  • 46 CFR 11.302(a)(4) and 12.602(a)(4)
  • The following Tasks from NVIC 08-14: 5.1.A, 5.2.A, 5.2.B, 5.3.A, 5.3.B, 5.4.A, 5.5.A, 5.6.A, 5.6.B, 5.6.C, 6.1.A, 6.2.A, 6.2.B, 7.1.A, 7.1.B, 7.2.A, 7.2.B, 7.3.A, 7.4.A, 7.5.A, 7.5.B, 8.1.A, 8.1.B, 8.2.A, 8.3.A, 8.3.B, and 9.1.A;
  • The following Task from NVIC 12-14: 19.4.A

What You Will Learn

To acquaint professional mariners with the basic principles of safety, teamwork, and social responsibility in the shipboard environment

  • compliance with emergency procedures
  • how to observe safe working practices
  • precautions necessary to prevent pollution to the marine environment
  • how to understand orders and be understood in relation to shipboard duties

What You Need to Register

The first step in registering for your STCW personal safety course will be to create an account with us. This process is an easy, fast one that you can complete right now online. Once you have your MITAGS-PMI account, just look over the menu above and select and submit the scheduled course that best suits your own schedule.

What You Should Bring

  • Closed toed shoes


Why You Need the Personal Safety and Social Responsibility Course

The main reason that you'll want to take the personal safety and social responsibility course is that it is an STCW personal safety course, a requirement for completing STCW Basic Training. Without Basic Training certification, you won't be able to sail on vessels of equal to or greater than 200 GRT tons with any safety duties on either ocean voyages or near coastal voyages. This restriction will severely limit your ability to obtain employment in the maritime field.

Fortunately, the personal safety and social responsibility course provides important information for all seafaring individuals, and you should be able to complete it quickly if you give it the proper attention, allowing you to move on to other challenges.

Helping to keep other crewmen, passengers and yourself safe aboard a sea vessel is a solemn responsibility, and you owe it to your shipmates to know all proper safety and emergency procedures and work practices inside and out. This course will also help you learn how to care for the marine environment, another extremely important responsibility for anyone who makes the sea their place of employment.

This course is administered by MITAGS-PMI professionals with years of experience in the maritime industry. You'll be getting the most accurate, up-to-date information about personal safety and responsibility at sea, and you'll be trained by consummate professionals using time-tested techniques that we have proven time and time again are the best ways to make competent and even superior sailors.

How Can I Find an STCW Personal Safety Course Near Me?

Once you've selected your personal safety and social responsibilities course, you'll attend your training at our MITAGS campus in Maryland. You'll find the Maryland campus at 692 Maritime Boulevard, Linthicum Heights, MD, 21090. If you have any questions about where the course is, when it starts or any STCW personal safety training course details, you can give us a call at 866-656-5568, and one of our staff members will be more than happy to assist you.

We also offer many useful maritime courses at our PMI campus, found at 1729 Alaskan Way South, Seattle, WA, 98134. These courses can help you become a better seaman as well as qualify you for more jobs in this field. For all multi-day courses, we offer discounts at our on-campus hotel. Register online or call us today!


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