Advanced Cargo Operations/Cargo Handling & Stowage (Management Level)

  • Length12 Days
  • Pre-requisiteAn Advanced Stability (CMM-ADVSTB) Course

Course Description

This course (MITAGS-14) is available for all 2nd Mates upgrading to Chief Mate/Master. It covers the practical and legal aspects of cargo operations and prepares prospective Chief Mates for their role in maintaining the vessel.

Week one of the Cargo Handling & Storage course includes information on cargo gear and cargo stress, cargo products, care of cargo during transit. This course also trains attendees in containership operations, RO/RO vessel operations, dangerous cargo regulations, grain rules and other information on dry bulk, or containerized cargos. Week two of the Cargo Handling & Storage course includes information on tankers and tanker operations, liquefied gas tanker operations, ships’ construction, dry-docking, and surveys.

 Please note that evening course sessions will occur and the instructor will assign those specific dates at the beginning of class.

Prerequisite The MITAGS Advanced Stability (CMM-ADVSTB) must be taken and successfully passed before attending.

This course satisfies the following STCW 2010:

  • The competencies within Table A-II/2 for the Function: Cargo Handling and Stowage of the STCW, as amended, and the following Tasks from NVIC 10-14: 11.1.A, 11.1.B, 11.4.A, 11.4.B, 11.4.C, 11.4.D, 11.5.A, 11.5.B, 11.5.C, 11.5.D, 11.5.E, 11.6.A, 11.6.B, 11.6.C, 11.6.D, 11.7.A, 11.8.B, 11.9.A, 12.1.A, 13.1.A, 14.1.C, 14.1.D, and 15.2.A.

What You Will Learn

Course Subjects - Dry Cargo Operations

  • Load Line Regulations
  • Requirements for Cargo Gear
  • Cargo Gear Stresses
  • Maintenance of Cargo Gear and Hatchcovers
  • Procedures for Receiving, Tallying and Delivering Cargo
  • Care of Cargo During Transit
  • Loading, Stowage and Discharge of Heavy Weights
  • Methods and Safeguards when Fumigating Holds
  • Dangerous Cargoes
  • The IMO Grain Rules
  • Containerized Cargoes
  • Timber Deck Cargoes

Course Subjects - Tanker Operations

  • Introduction to Tanker Operations
  • Oil Tankers
  • Chemical Tankers
  • Liquefied Gas Tankers

Course Subjects - Construction/Maintenance

Shipbuilding Materials

  • Welding
  • Bulkheads
  • Watertight and Weathertight Doors
  • Corrosion
  • Marine Coatings
  • Drydocking
  • Surveys

What You Should Bring

  • Scientific Calculator
  • Dividers
  • Triangles


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