Ship/Shipboard Management

  • Length5 Days
  • Pre-requisiteNone

Course Description

The Ship Management course (MITPMI-451) complies with the requirements of USCG NVIC 10-14 and the STCW Code Table A-II/2.

Course attendees will gain knowledge and understanding of maritime business practices, maritime law necessary to operate a vessel at the management level, crew training techniques, employee counseling and evaluations, safety and shipboard medical care.  An attendee will be able to demonstrate an understanding in the following areas: Certificates and Documents, International Safety Management Code (ISM), SOLAS, Seamen’s Articles of Agreement, Certification and Training of Seafarers (STCW95), Manning and Work Hours, Vacation Holidays with Pay including leave and repatriation, Catering for Crews and on Board including Accommodation regulations.                    

Additionally, successful completion of CMM-SHMGT replaces the company required Vessel Personnel Management course for MM&P deck officers.

This course satisfies the following requirements:

  • The competency “Monitor and control compliance with legislative requirements and measures to ensure safety of life at sea, security, and the protection of the marine environment” and “Organize and manage the provision of medical care on board” requirements of Table A-II/2 of the STCW Code, as amended 2010; and
  • The specific assessment tasks from the National Assessment Guidelines found in NVIC 10-14: Tasks 11.1.A, 15.1.A, 15.1.B, 15.1.C, 15.3.A, 15.4.A, 15.4.B, 15.4.C, 15.4.D, 15.4.E, 15.4.F, 15.4.G, 15.5.A, 15.6.A, 15.6.B, 15.7.A, 15.8.A, 19.1A, 19.2.A, and 19.3.A.

Prerequisites- STCW-OICNW Certification.

Suggested Courses/Skills- See NVIC 10-14.

What You Will Learn

  • National Legislation for implementing international agreements and conventions
  • Certificates and Documents
  • Health Regulation
  • International Safety Management Code
  • Seamen’s Articles of Agreement
  • Certification and Training of Seafarers (STCW95)
  • Manning and Work Hours
  • Vacation Holidays with Pay including leave and repatriation
  • Catering for Crews on Board including Accommodation regulations
  • Medical Examination, Medical Care and Prevention of Occupational Accidents to Seafarers
  • Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize
  • Contracts for the Carriage of Cargo
  • Marine Insurance and Limiting Liability
  • Noting Protest
  • International Load Line Regulations
  • Classification Societies
  • Criminal and Civil Liability of the Master
  • Collisions
  • Assistance and Salvage
  • MBL Review
  • Training Onboard Ships
  • Personnel Management
  • Organization of Staff
  • Managing Medical Care

What You Should Bring

  • Scientific Calculator


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