License Advancement Program

  • Length33 Days
  • Pre-requisiteUSCG Approval Letter to Test

Course Description

This 20-Day course offered at MITAGS provides a structured environment in order to prepare for USCG unlimited tonnage near coastal and oceans STCW 2010 chief mate / master license exams. The instructor led training is conducted in a spacious and well-equipped lab. The success rate for passing the Coast Guard Exams, on the first sitting, is well over 90%. It is highly recommend that attendees have taken most, if not all, of the chief mate/master courses.  Although the course is 20 days in length, there is an additional testing week.  The test week is included in the registration time period below.  Approved candidates can take the Coast Guard Exam at REC Baltimore, at their local REC, or at MITAGS if Coast Guard resources permit.  Instructors will be available during the testing week for those that are testing at REC Baltimore or at MITAGS.  If testing takes place at the end of the four weeks (during week five) at the REC Baltimore, MITAGS provides transportation to the REC and a box lunch each day.  The REC Baltimore can accommodate up to 12 candidates at any time but it is one a first come first serve basis.  Reserve your spot with them as early as possible, MITAGS is not responsible for reserving space at the REC.

Instructor assistance is available on many evenings. We encourage students to stay at the on-campus hotel to take full advantage of this service. Special rates are available for LAP students.

MITAGS will provide all books and publications needed for study, attendees may bring their personal copy if they prefer.

Prerequisites- CG-718B Applicartion submitted or USCG approval letter to test.

Suggested Courses/Skills- Completion of MITAGS Chief Mate/Master (CMM) training courses are highly recommended.

What You Will Learn

Course provides a complete review of terrestrial / celestial navigation, stability, and deck safety subjects. Frequent practice exams utilize actual Coast Guard questions. Specific subject areas include:

  • Introduction to program resources, schedule & goals
  • Plane Sailing Formulae, Mid-Latitude Sailing, Mercator Sailing Formulae, Parallel Sailing Formulae
  • Great Circle Sailing Formulae, Voyage Planning (Gnomic Chartlet), Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Observed Altitude, Latitude by Polaris, Latitude by Meridian Transit, Latitude by Ex-Meridian
  • Sight Reduction, Star and Planet ID
  • Time of Meridian Transit, Zone Time Sunrise/Set
  • Azimuths, Amplitudes, Chart Plots, Set and Drift
  • Compass Error by Visual Range, Deviation able Construction
  • Course Determination (Compass error/Leeway)
  • Time Tick, Special Case Bearings, Bearing Problems, Fix/Running Fix MOBO
  • Fuel Conservation Formulae
  • Nautical Astronomy, General Mathematics, Tide and Current, General Subject Studies
  • Introduction to STABILITY program resources, schedule & goals
  • AM One Compartment, AM One Compartment Find GM, AM Arrival Ballast F PK
  • AM Available GM, AM Final Drafts by Sheet, AM Final Drafts by Trim Moment
  • AM Free Surface, AM Increase GM, AM KG of Cargo Load, AM KG of Liquid Load
  • AM LCG of Cargo Load, AM LCG of Liquid Load, Blue Pages Angle of List
  • Blue Pages Angle of loll, Blue Pages Danger Angle, Blue Pages Final Draft
  • Blue Pages Permeability, Blue Pages Positive Stability, Blue Pages Righting Arm
  • Blue Pages Righting Arm Shift of G, Blue Pages Righting Moment,
  • Blue Pages Scale Displacement, Blue Pages Scale KM, Blue Pages Scale KM
  • Blue Pages Scale LCF, Blue Pages Scale Mean Draft, Blue Pages Scale MT1
  • Blue Pages TRIM Ballast F PK for Drag, TV Northland Hog/Sag
  • Draft After Load Given, Final Drafts, Fish Hold; Find FSC
  • Free Surface, List; Find GM Inclining Experiment, List; Find List
  • List; Find GM Inclining Experiment, CG of Deck Cargo, OSV; CG of Deck Cargo
  • Rolling Period &Time in Seconds

What You Should Bring

  • Set of dividers
  • Navigational triangles
  • Non-programmable scientific calculator. (TI-30xa or similar)
  • It is recommended attendees have Capn Joe’s list of Stability solutions and purchase a subscription to Lapware


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