Bridge Resource Management for Pilots with Emergency Shiphandling

  • Length3 Days
  • Pre-requisiteQualified maritime pilot

Course Description

This 3-day course is designed to provide qualified maritime Pilots with instruction and proficiency in Emergency Shiphandling (SHS-ESH) and Bridge Resource Management for Pilots (BRMP). The program is American Pilots’ Association (APA) accepted. It uses full-mission bridge simulation to reflect and reinforce BRMP concepts through the simulation of emergency exercises. Shiphandling exercises are scripted, with extensive role-play that is designed to provide unique challenges in a BRMP environment. Constructive post-simulation debriefs are led by the students, with guidance and facilitation by the instructor, to ensure that both the review of the shipboard emergency simulation events and the BRMP events are identified and discussed. This program has no formal assessment nor is it designed to formally instruct Pilots in emergency shiphandling techniques or physical shiphandling skills. The simulation exercises provide a venue for the application of BRMP objectives and create an active environment to stimulate discussion of “Best Practices” during emergencies.

Prerequisites- APA membership and qualification as a maritime ships pilot.

Suggested Courses/Skills- None.

What You Will Learn

  • Emergency Shiphandling
  • Emergency Best Practices
  • Proper BRMP - Bridge Resource Management
  • Organization
  • Passage Planning
  • Error Chain
  • Check Lists
  • Master/Pilot Exchange
  • Human Element
  • Fatigue
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Communications
  • Best practices in specific areas
  • Review BRM principles
  • Examine recent accidents
  • New practices and technology

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