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What Are Standard Marine Communication Phrases?

Communication is critical while you’re out at sea. You need to properly communicate with your crewmates and captain about the ship’s status, weather conditions and other essential elements. It’s important to convey these messages with as much clarity as possible to avoid injuries or incidents. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) developed a series of standard […]

Will the GI Bill® Pay for My Maritime Education?

Will the GI Bill® Pay for My Maritime Education?

It is important to know precisely what your GI Bill® benefits can offer you when considering possible career options. If you qualify for GI Bill® benefits, you can use those benefits to work toward your dream of a career in the maritime industry. What Is the GI Bill®? The GI Bill® is a piece of […]

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How to Get a Job on a Tanker 

For those who love the sea and maritime studies, starting a career at sea on tankers may be a path worth exploring. With plenty of options in the maritime industry, available jobs needed aboard tankers and the chance for international travel, tankers provide many benefits for those looking to gain experience in the shipping industry. What […]


Flag State vs. Port State

When it comes to registering a boat or ship, there are various types of state jurisdiction, including flag state and port state. Whether you have interests in boats and international maritime laws or own ships, it’s useful to understand the difference between flag and port states. What Is a Flag State? A flag state is […]

What Is a Maritime College?

What Is a Maritime College?

The maritime industry includes anything connected to the sea or other waterways around the world. Many Americans may not realize that the maritime industry plays a significant role in much of everyday life. Many of the products we use or consume on a daily basis are shipped to local stores from overseas. Maritime workers make […]

MITAGS bridge simulator

What is a Bridge Simulator?

Author: Captain Christine Klimkowski, MBA, MITAGS Instructor Editors: Catie Gianelloni, NSAP® Manager, Lead Simulator Operator (East Coast) & Instructor, and Colleen Schaffer, P.E., Director of System Engineering & Coastal Engineer   A bridge or ship simulator is a system of computers, screens, hardware and software that simulates vessels, ports, weather conditions, and traffic patterns for […]