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Guide to a Master of Towing License

Guide to a Master of Towing License

If you’d like to work in a short-haul towing environment among the highest officer positions, you need to earn a Master of Towing license. This license, designated by the United States Coast Guard (USCG), often meets the minimum requirements for fleeting operations. Earning a Master of Towing also reflects the time and experience you have. […]

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Crowd Management in the Maritime Industry

Crowd management is the act of aiding and controlling large crowds aboard your ship and keeping passengers calm during emergencies or chaotic circumstances. Some common causes for crowd control on board passenger vessels include waiting lines at special events, public gathering spaces like pools, bars and buffet tables or hazardous situations like storms and fires. […]

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Critical Decision-Making in the Maritime Industry

In the maritime industry, you often need to make decisions quickly and while under pressure. These decisions can have significant economical, safety and environmental consequences, so it’s crucial to have solid decision-making skills. Find tips for improving your maritime decision-making skills below. What Is Critical Decision-Making? Critical decision-making involves systematically gathering and evaluating information to make […]


How to Join the Merchant Marine

If you’re looking for a career that offers challenging physical work, substantial pay and an opportunity for adventure, the Merchant Marine might be right for you. The Merchant Marine, sometimes called the merchant navy, consists of civilian vessels — such as tankers and cargo ships — that import and export goods to other countries. The […]

How to Become a Chief Mate

Have you ever considered a life at sea on a merchant ship? Maybe you are familiar with the merchant marines and are interested in the different career paths. Or perhaps you are attending a maritime academy and are interested in learning more about the officer roles onboard? In this article, we will examine the functions […]

Designated Person Ashore

Designated Person Ashore

Designated Person Ashore The International Safety Management (ISM) Code requires all commercial ships to have a trained Designated Person Ashore (DPA) as a point of contact between the company and crew on the water. This individual monitors various areas of the operation of the vessel and follows the requirements of a Safety Management System (SMS) […]