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How to Become a Certified Deckhand

Are you interested in working on inland boats or large ocean-going ships but don’t know how to begin? Is there a way to get started in this career with no experience? The answer is you can — by applying for entry-level Deckhand positions or by attending a maritime training school, such as the Maritime Institute […]

how to recruit and retain seafarers in the maritime industry

How to Recruit and Retain Seafarers

As in any industry, the recruitment and retention of excellent employees are critical to the success of your business — no matter what the size. Motivated, well-prepared employees are invaluable to your company and critical to long-term success. Throughout this article, we’ll cover everything you’ll want to know about: How to Recruit Maritime Employees Tips […]

your guide to stcw certification

Your Guide to STCW Certification

TL;DR: The Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) are internationally recognized rules that direct the knowledge and skills mariners need to perform their jobs safely. Any mariners working aboard ships that operate in international waters must hold STCW endorsements. Different STCW endorsements allow you to do a variety of jobs aboard merchant vessels. What Is STCW? If you’re […]

Maritime Apprenticeship and Career Guide

A Maritime Industry Career Overview How to Get a Job Aboard a Ship Different Career Options Types of Vessels in the Maritime Industry Benefits and Disadvantages of Working at Sea Certification as a Deck Officer Deciding Which Maritime Career to Pursue Maritime Apprenticeship Programs at MITAGS The average annual wage for captains and mates of […]

subchapter m training guide

Guide to Subchapter M Training

What is Subchapter M? Subchapter M is a relatively new set of U.S. Coast Guard training and inspection regulations for tugboat and towboat companies. Released in 2016, it builds on the industry safeguards already in place and establishes new training protocol and vessel compliances based on qualitative risk assessment and risk management standards. The American Waterways Operators or […]

how to become a third mate

How to Become a Third Mate

  If you’re thinking about getting your Third Mate license, then you’ve put in your time on large vessels and are ready to leap to the next level of your maritime career. A Third Mate is an officer of a ship’s deck department. They supervise numerous high-priority operations and it is a vital role on […]