Featured in the February 2024 edition of Marine News, MITAGS East Coast Academic Director, Catherine Gianelloni discussed career pathways, transitions in the maritime industry, and pushing the boundaries of operational research and ship simulation.

In January of this year, Gianelloni took over as Academic Director at the MITAGS East Coast campus in Linthicum Heights, MD. Catherine said, “I basically manage the resources and lead the school side of the East Coast campus. I make sure that all the courses are ready to go, the instructors are prepared, and handle the day-to-day, boots-on-the-ground activity.”

Gianelloni said MITAGS’ mission is to drive excellence and safety to strengthen our communities. Its goal: provide top-quality maritime education and serve its IOMM&P trust members. “Beyond that, we want to help mariners gain and maintain their license, and we want to do so in an environment that is quality,” Gianelloni added.

“We have programs designed to help people both gain an original license/credential and upgrade the license/credential that they have. These programs sometimes last as long as two and a half years, but the MITAGS Maritime Apprenticeship Program (MAP) basically offers a fast track into the industry,” Gianelloni said. “These programs are incredibly successful.”

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