Earlier this year MITAGS West conducted a virtual azipod training session for deck officers who sail for the international charity Mercy Ships. Puget Sound Pilot Blair Bouma donated his time for the training session, and MITAGS donated use of its simulator.

Mariners who volunteer for Mercy Ships tuned in to the training from sites in the Canary Islands, China and the Netherlands. Among the participants were the captain and chief officer of the Global Mercy, the world’s largest civilian hospital ship. The new vessel will allow Mercy Ships to more than double its capacity to deliver surgical care and medical training in Africa.


Pictured (left to right):

Captain Blair Bouma in the wheelhouse of the simulator at MITAGS West. “The information was perfectly tailored to our ship and the situations we may encounter,” one participant said. “The fact that the training was not on site did not detract from its effectiveness.”

Simulation Engineer Pasha Amigud running the controls for the azipod training at MITAGS West. “Special thanks to our amazing sim team for one again knocking it out of the park for a great cause,” said MITAGS Assistant Director, Emily Hopkins.

Lastly, a screenshot of the training showing various views of the ship, controls and participants.


Original article shared in MM&P’s 2021 Fall Magazine: