Earlier this month, MITAGS Director of Business Development, Captain Jonathan Kjaerulff presented at NAVTECH 2021.

His presentation, titled “Training the Future Mariner,” along with other presentations from the event, can be downloaded by clicking here.

Captain Kjaerulff’s presentation focused on navigating the transition with emerging technology in the maritime industry, as we are in the middle of a once in a generation change in how people and ships work together.

Starting with the history of the steamboat through to the creation of autonomous ships and the developing role of artificial intelligence in the maritime industry, Captain Kjaerulff covers various topics including, will AI help mariners to operate more safely or will it replace them?

He also discusses defining the new skills needed during this transitional period and beyond, and our obligation as mentors and instructors to train the future mariner to the same high standards we expect of ourselves and our shipmates, while at the same time encouraging them to learn and master new ways of sailing the seas.


Photo courtesy of Navtech and Nicolas Alvarado, 2021