Last week, MITAGS joined hundreds of people in-person and thousands virtually for the 2021 IPF Together Conference held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. IPF is the premiere offshore wind energy conference in North America.

Our very own, Colleen Schaffer, P.E., MITAGS’ Coastal & Simulation Engineer, spoke on a panel alongside representatives from Orsted, Blount Boats and Griffin Maritime Strategies, titled Full-Mission Navigation Simulator for Stakeholder Engagement & Industry Training.

The panel focused on how a full-mission navigation simulator provides a versatile environment that can be tailored to each stakeholder by placing the user on a familiar vessel (fishing, Coast Guard, tanker, research, container, pleasure craft, offshore supply). By transiting the wind farm in this known vessel, the user has a reference point that they can use to conceptualize the magnitude and layout of the wind farm. Additional training (fishing, towing, Coast Guard maneuvers) can be customized to include all stakeholders. The simulator serves as an effective “bridge” between paper diagrams and virtual reality.

Other panelists included Bill Blount, Blount Boats, J. Stuart Griffin, Principal of Griffin Maritime Strategies, Elizabeth Kretovic, Mid-Atlantic Marine Affairs Manager at Orsted, and Edward LeBlanc, Northeast Marine Affairs Manager at Orsted.

Check out this brief demo of the graphics and modeling capabilities of MITAGS’ simulation for Wind Farm Application.