For over half a century, Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS), has been supporting mariners who wish to advance their merchant mariner’s credentials.  

 MITAGS offers a proprietary course tailored specifically to support approved and qualified candidates in their preparation for the OICNW 3rd/2nd Mate Unlimited, Oceans exams (USCG Exam Code ONC02) and 500/1600T Mate (Near Coastal or Oceans) (USCG Exam Code ONC04). 

 The USCG National Maritime Center (NMC) website is the best source of information on commercial mariner credentialing. USCG requirements, checklists, and testing required for each credential are listed in the Deck and Engineering Guide for the Administration of Merchant Marine Examinations 2014, available on the NMC website. The exams are broad, deep and difficult, requiring different types of “brain” work and recollection of myriad formulae and facts. 

 MITAG’s License Preparation Course for Unlimited Tonnage 3rd and 500/1600T Mates is a 15-day course that provides structured study and guidance from our expert instructors on the skills needed to pass these examinations. While professional knowledge, certificated courses, and commercial sea time are all essential to success, this review course focuses on passing the exam and the best approaches to tackling problems ranging from stability to celestial navigation.  Students must have a subscription to LAPWARE, an internet-based program used by all maritime academies, for the duration of the preparation period. 

 Upon completion of this course, most candidates need time on their own for further practice and to fully absorb the vast amount of material disseminated during the course. Once candidates are confident, they can pass their exams, the candidate will make an appointment to test at the USCG Regional Examination Center of their choice. 

 The license advancement journey doesn’t stop here. Our mission is to help mariners excel, advancing to increasing levels of responsibility and licensure. When you are ready, MITAGS will be here to support your efforts towards passing your Chief Mate’s and Master’s exams 

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