Baltimore, Feb. 3—The World War II Liberty Ship SS JOHN W. BROWN, following a successful scheduled maintenance visit to a Virginia shipyard, will return to Baltimore Sunday, Feb. 9, and relocate to a new mooring site at Pier 13 on the Canton waterfront at Newgate Avenue.

The 78-year-old museum ship will resume its activities of pierside visits, ship-based educational events, and “living history cruises that feature 1940s-era entertainment and fly-bys by vintage aircraft. Three of the cruises on Chesapeake Bay are scheduled for the 2020 sailing season.

JOHN W. BROWN is being accommodated at the pier under a short-term lease while planning continues for a permanent base at a refurbished site at the former Bethlehem Steel Fairfield shipyard in South Baltimore, the location where the ship was built and launched on Labor Day in 1942.

The Brown will be co-located at Pier 13 with the NS SAVANNAH, the world’s first nuclear-powered combination cargo and passenger ship, built in the late 1950s to show the versatility of nuclear ship propulsion. The two ships thus demonstrate two important stages in the development of marine propulsion technologies.

The federal government-owned SAVANNAH, itself completing work in Philadelphia associated with decommissioning of its nuclear power plant, is expected to return to Pier 13 in mid-February.

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