MITAGS Alum, Captain Kate McCue continues to make big waves, pun intended, in the maritime and cruise industries! Captain McCue is the first American female captain of a mega cruise ship, making history in 2015 when she became captain of the Celebrity Edge at the age of 37 years old. She is also the first commanding officer to sail from a U.S. port following the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. And, today, she remains the only American female captain of any mega cruise ship!

MITAGS had the privilege of being a part of Captain McCue’s journey to the helm when she completed our Chief Mate to Master Program in 2009.

What’s next for McCue? She will become the commanding officer for Celebrity Beyond, Celebrity Cruises’ newest luxury cruise ship that is launching this spring.

To read more about Captain McCue and her accomplishments so far, click here.

Bravo Zulu Captain McCue!