The April, 2021 issue of Professional Mariner magazine includes an article on Pilot selection and training, As a leading provider of simulation and training to Pilots and Pilot organizations, MITAGS is given prominent coverage.

MITAGS was one of the first organizations to use simulation as a tool not only to help professional pilots refine their skills, but to help screen and qualify pilot candidates as part of the application process.  Over the past several years, MITAGS has hosted exams for pilot organizations from Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and California;

MITAGS is called in on a regular basis to help pilots prepare for arrival of larger and more challenging ships arriving in their ports and navigating busy channels.  MITAGS provides hydrodynamically accurate models of specific ships and ports, and has simulated numerous navigation channel designs with ships operating across a broad range of environmental conditions (wind, sea, swell, visibility).

Besides simulator-based projects, MITAGS also conducts Bridge Resource Management courses for pilots (BRM-P).  Last year, MITAGS completed a series of virtual BRM-P courses for the Mexican pilots, who were able to receive high quality, interactive training without having to travel from home.

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