Legal Aspects of Piloting – Seminar

  • Length1 Days
  • Pre-requisiteMember or Apprentice of a State Pilots' Association

Course Description

A maritime attorney provides an overview of federal, state, and international regulation of pilots and pilotage with a focus on how the regulatory and legal process affects how pilots do their jobs. Some of the topics covered include: the background and relationship of the respective federal, state, and international regulatory jurisdictions, the role of the pilot, what to do after a casualty, and specific federal regulatory requirements. The instructor will attempt to tailor the course to the specific legal circumstances of the attendees. The maritime legal environment is undergoing substantial change. This seminar is designed to keep apprentice and senior state pilots abreast of current law and the impact of recent legal decisions on long-standing legal precedents. It is a "must take" seminar for pilots!

Students who attended a two hour seminar on the Legal Aspects of Pilotage. Topics discussed included the State versus Federal Jurisdiction over Pilotage, Federal Navigation Safety Regulations, Marine Casualties and Investigations, and Suspensions, Revocations, and Penalties.

Prerequisites- Member or Apprentice of a State Pilots' Association.

Suggested Courses/Skills- None.

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