We are very happy to report that the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) has recently released the TMSA 3 which now includes both a requirement for and recognition of Competency Assessment Programs to ensure that Masters and Navigation Officers maintain core and specialist skills. 

NSAP® has been presented to OCIMF on numerous occasions by both partner companies and NSAP® experts, and the program has been utilized use by BP, Shell, Conoco-Phillips and Exxon.  The inclusion of assessments like NSAP® within TMSA is a powerful testament to its effectiveness as an objective risk management tool.  The entire Program Team is extremely proud to share this news with you.

The new TMSA 3, which may be simulator-based, requires assessments of COLREGS, BTM and Behaviors, Response to Emergency Navigation Situations and specialized disciplines, as appropriate.  Further, there is specific language stating that reports should be included to (1) identify areas of risk or concern, (2) compare those findings with industry trends, and (3) identify improvement plans to mitigate risks and improve mariner performance. 

For additional details on the new requirements, see TMSA 3, Section 5.4.3 on assessments and Section 5.4.2 on reports and analysis of navigation audits and assessments.

Given the new TMSA KPIs, companies are now requesting a two-day BRM Course to be offered upon completion of the NSAP®.  This will allow companies to meet TMSA 3, KPI 5.4.4, and provide specific corrective actions as applicable from NSAP® results.

Here’s more about TMSA from

The Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA) programme provides companies with a means to improve and measure their own safety management systems.

The programme encourages companies to assess their safety management systems (SMS) against key performance indicators (KPIs) and provides a minimum expectation (level 1) plus three levels of increasing best practice guidance. Self assessment results can be used to develop phased improvement plans that support continuous improvement of their ship management systems. Companies are encouraged to regularly review their self assessment results against the TMSA KPIs and to create achievable plans for improvement.

Aligning their own policies and procedures with industry best practice helps companies to improve their performance and attain high standards of safety and pollution prevention.