Ship Reaction Force

  • Length3 Days
  • Pre-requisiteUnexpired TWIC Card

Course Description

This course, which combines classroom lecture and practical labs/demonstration, provides tailored training for mariners serving aboard ships under MSC's Operational Control (OPCON) and Administrative Control (ADCON) who are assigned to the Ship's Reaction Team.

This course introduces team members to the equipment and procedures they will use when responding to crisis situations. This includes the function of the security reaction team, rules for the use of force and deadly force, security reaction team equipment, tactical communications, the principles of close quarters combat, tactical team movement techniques, tactical room entry techniques, tactical withdrawal techniques, and hostage situation management.

This course is required once every three (3) years for members of the ship's reaction force (SRF).



  • Security Watch Stander - Basic

  • Security Watch Stander - Advanced

  • Small Arms qualified in M9 pistol and M500 shotgun

What You Will Learn

The attendee will learn the proper techniques of combat movement and tactics needed to be part of an effective Ship's Reaction Force.


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