ECDIS for Pilots

  • Length2 Days
  • Pre-requisiteARPA and BRM/BRMP are highly recommended.

Course Description

This two-day course is designed to cover the basic elements of ECDIS as required by international and national regulations, and the recommendations of The American Pilot Association. The course will include classroom instruction and demonstrations utilizing Transas NaviTrainer Desktop Simulation, NaviSailor 4000 ECDIS. The candidates will demonstrate proficiency in selected ECDIS and AIS tasks including ARPA integration and observance of proper Bridge Resource Management procedures.

Prerequisites- ECDIS, ARPA, and BRMP.

Suggested Courses/Skills-  ARPA and BRM/BRMP are highly recommended.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand international and federal requirements re: ECDIS/AIS
  • Gain knowledge of system requirements, ECDIS & AIS
  • Determine validity of system information especially ship position
  • Relate GPS position to horizontal chart datums
  • Understand the danger of allowing DR positions on ECDIS
  • Compare differences between paper and electronic charts
  • Understand the benefits and limitations of raster and vector charts
  • Know available electronic chart formats
  • Understand chart scales and dangers of over scaling or over zooming
  • Use electronic chart numbering systems
  • Install automatic updates or make manual corrections
  • Integrate ECDIS and AIS into the Bridge Management System
  • Understand “Common Center Reference Point”
  • Ownship scaling and AIS target scaling with regard to CPA
  • Use of RADAR overlay on electronic chart
  • Identify common errors and misinterpretations of ECDIS/AIS
  • Know the basics of route building and route monitoring on ECDIS
  • Know how to construct and utilize “user information layers”
  • Integrate ARPA and AIS into the ECDIS

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