At MITAGS, we were deeply saddened upon learning of Lee’s passing.  Throughout his long career, Lee was the most ardent champion for providing mariners with timely, accurate, and understandable marine weather forecasts.  His work, along with many other dedicated professionals at the NWS Ocean Prediction Center, has prevented or mitigated countless weather related injuries, loss of lives, cargo/ship damage.  He will be sorely missed by the maritime industry.

On a personal note, I had the good fortune of meeting Lee in the 1980s.  Lee and other NWS meteorologists were touring MITAGS and auditing our Heavy Weather Avoidance Course.  This initial meeting turned into a long-standing relation between MITAGS and the Marine Prediction Center (now the Ocean Prediction Center) that continues to this day.  Lee made a point to reach out to hundreds, if not thousands, of mariners for input on ways to improve marine forecasts.  This input dramatically improved the value of the marine forecasts for recreational and commercial mariners. Upon Lee’s retirement from public service, he became a sought after meteorology consultant specializing in vessel weather routing, and storm/hurricane avoidance across the globe.  He taught numerous courses at many maritime schools including MITAGS and STAR Center.  He was also among the leading consultants for offshore sailing and other recreational vessel events.  He was the “go-to guy” for weather routing.

Again, our deepest condolences to his family.  We shall miss him, and hope there is some comfort in knowing that Lee made a real difference in many mariners lives.

Glen Paine | Executive Director

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