Did you know MITAGS-West is an approved training facility for the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial Safety Training Rebate Program? But, what is the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial Safety Training Rebate Program? Find out more below!

The Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial believes that a significant number of lives can be saved if more fishermen are trained in understanding vessel stability, shipboard firefighting, first aid / CPR, drill instructor certification, and 100/200 Ton Captains Licensing. In addition, Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial supports the concept of Onboard Training and Vessel Emergency Team Training. As part of its commitment to promote safer vessels, the Memorial Board is making funds available, with creation of its Safety Training Rebate Program, to Washington-based commercial fishing vessel owners and their crew members, and fishermen who are Washington residents.

How does this funding work?

The Memorial will rebate 50% of the cost of the course up to a $800 maximum rebate amount per course, effective 03/01/2021.

Vessel Drills and Crew Training?

For qualifying Commercial Fishing Vessels, Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial will also rebate 50% up to $1000.00 per vessel, per year, for crew emergency training either onboard by a third-party instructor or at a qualified training facility. Examples would include having a professional trainer conduct drill evolutions onboard your vessel or taking your crew to a day of firefighting refresher training.

Who is eligible?

This program is available to all Washington residents and Washington vessels (limit of six persons per vessel).

How do you apply for funding?

Please complete the application provided via the button below. Submit the completed application, a copy of your course completion certificate, and a copy of your receipt for the class to SFM. You can mail the documents to us at PO Box 17356 Seattle, WA 98107 or email it to [email protected].


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Which training facilities are approved? First, this program is limited to Washington-based training facilities that offer USCG approved courses. As of this date, the following facilities are participating in the rebate program:

  • NPFVOA Vessel Safety
  • Compass Courses
  • Washington Sea Grant Program
  • MITAGS-West
  • Crawford

If attending courses at NPFVOA or Washington Sea Grant program, the training facility will submit your application for you. Other Safety Related Courses offered by the above trainers and other organizations may be approved in advance on a case by case basis. Please feel free to inquire!

Questions about the program?

Visit or contact the Executive Secretary of the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (206) 782-6577, and they will return your call promptly.