On May 26, 2022, MITAGS-West was privileged to host teams from the Seattle Fire Department and the Navy Guided Missile Cruiser USS Chosin (CG-65).  The purpose of the exercise was to help both groups learn how they could work effectively together should a fire break out aboard a Navy ship while being repaired in a Seattle shipyard.  16 Navy sailors and 40 Seattle firefighters spent the day working in and around MITAGS’s shipboard firefighting trainer, the M/V Fire Dragon.

Supported by the MITAGS team, who developed and executed the fire drills, both Navy and Seattle Fire crews spent the day working inside and outside the Fire Dragon fighting multiple fires on multiple levels simultaneously.  The Seattle Fire and Navy teams remarked upon the realism and the challenges of the scenarios, the run times of which were extended at the request of the fire teams in order that they could get more nozzle time and practice.

In addition to several senior Seattle Fire Department officers present at the fire field, the fire drills were also observed by a number of high-level Navy civilians, some of whom travelled from San Diego specifically to witness the training.


View photos and videos of the Seattle Fire and US Navy joint training exercises here: