MITAGS Director of Business Development Captain Jon Kjaerulff recently attended the International Marine Pilots Association (IMPA) 25th Congress, held in Cancun, Mexico on June 12-18, 2022.  This event is held every two years at different locations all over the world, and is a chance for Pilots from around the globe to meet, share ideas, discuss common concerns, and learn about the latest training and technology.  Over 500 pilots attended this year’s conference, which had twice been postponed due to the pandemic.



During the congress, Captain Mario Camacho, President of the Mexican Port Pilots Association, recognized MITAGS’s sponsorship and participation in the congress by presenting Captain Kjaerulff with a plaque from the IMPA, which he accepted on behalf of MITAGS.



A major theme of this year’s event was pilot safety, with a number of presentations relating to accidents and unsafe boarding conditions pilots routinely encounter. During the congress, Kjaerulff had the opportunity to deliver a presentation about the Pilot Ladder Safety class MITAGS is developing, as well as the existing catalogue of specialized courses MITAGS offers to pilots and their organizations.




MITAGS welcomes pilots and pilots’ organizations to aid us in our development of a Pilot Ladder Safety course and the course material. If interested to aid in the development or review of the course material, please contact Captain Kjaerulff at [email protected].

To view our current catalogue of piloting training, please visit our website here.