Engineering Apprenticeship Program



Coming Soon!

The engineering program is built in cooperation with Seattle Maritime Academy.  The model will be the same as MITAGS’ Deck Apprenticeship Programs (i.e. classroom time alternates with sea time while working for a partner company to practice the skills learned in the classroom and complete required assessment task).

Maritime Apprenticeship Programs

MITAGS’ Maritime Apprenticeship Programs offer a fast and cost-effective way for passionate individuals that possess little or no maritime experience to earn highly desirable qualifications.

For the sea service training component, MITAGS facilitates the matching of prospective apprentices with reputable companies who have signed on with the program, using an interview process.  Apprentices must be placed with a Partner Company prior to starting the program, and they remain with a selected company throughout the entire program.

Upon program completion, the Apprentice will be eligible to sit for their Mate’s license and will also hold their AB Limited.  In addition, all STCW requirements and assessments are met so the mariner will also receive their Able Seafarer-Deck and OICNW credentials to sail internationally.  The tonnage of the vessels the apprentice sails on during the program will determine whether they receive their Mate of 500/1600 GRT vessels, or a Third Mate Unlimited tonnage license.

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