License Advancement Program – Great Lakes

  • Length26 Days
  • Pre-requisiteUSCG approval to test is highly recommended

Course Description

This License Advancement Preparation offered at MITAGS is designed for able seafarers sailing on Inland or Great Lakes waters seeking an original USCG license for "Mate 1600 Tons" up to" Mate Any Gross Tons." The course materials prepare students for the USCG exam modules, and elevate their skills to be at a peak performance prior to the exams. The course includes emphasis on navigational skills (including tides and currents), and Rules of the Road. Ample time is dedicated to the topics found within the USCG General Exam Modules. This is also a solid review course for mates desiring to upgrade to Inland/Great Lakes Master.

The spacious training lab is equipped with large chart tables (for each student), nautical publications, and internet access. The lab is open in the evening for student homework.

Students who complete this course will also need to complete the USCG approved Original Radar, Basic and Advanced Fire Fighting which are generally schedule prior to the start of LAP Great Lakes. These courses are required by the Coast Guard for an original "Mate - Great Lakes."

Prerequisites - CG-718B Application submitted or Coast Guard Approval letter to test.

Suggested Courses/Skills- USCG approval to test is highly recommended.

What You Will Learn

  • ATON
  • Luminous Light Diagram
  • Charts &Pubs
  • Instruments and Accessories
  • Tide/Current
  • Bridge Regs
  • Compass
  • Ship’s Business
  • Watchstanding
  • Ship Construction
  • Damage Control
  • Ship Handling
  • Cargo Equipment
  • Loading
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Instruments and Accessories
  • Charts and Pubs
  • Navigational Procedures (general questions on navigation),
  • Emergency Procedures.

What You Should Bring

  • Dividers
  • Triangles
  • All practical Navigation Equipment
  • Calculator

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