Conducting Mariner Assessments-CBT

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Course Description

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Upon completion of the course, you can print out the certificate for submission to the United States Coast Guard or your Company Representative.

This short, but effective computer based training course prepares mates and masters for conducting onboard assessments.  Dr. Alice Barnes, Co-Author of Conducting Mariner Assessments written for the USCG, co-developed the course that this program is based on.  This course utilizes role-playing scenarios to reinforce the strategies for conducting assessments and answers any questions on assessment requirements or techniques.  You can access and sign up for this CBT here.

Prerequisites- None

Suggested Courses/Skills- See NVIC 19-14.

What You Will Learn

Participation in our Assessor Training Course will provide successful assessment strategies and alleviate some of the concerns and apprehensions officers may have with conducting mariner assessments.

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