Practical Defense Tactics

  • Length5 Days
  • Pre-requisiteSee below

Course Description

The goal of this 35 hour course (formerly known as Practical Security Applications) is to provide the attendee with a knowledge and understanding of personal self defense skills, such as verbal and non-verbal de-escalation techniques, survivor mindset strategies, both defensive and offensive responses based on the body's natural reaction to an unanticipated violent event.  The attendee will be provided the knowledge and the skills necessary to safely handle security situation that may include conflict.  This course will equip students with the skills needed to safely manage these situations until security forces or law enforcement personnel arrive.

Prerequisites- All attendees must have a current TWIC card and they must meet the federal entrance requirements including no felony convictions, crimes of domestic violence on their record, or treatment for a psychiatric condition with medication.

Suggested Courses/Skills- None.

What You Will Learn

This is a hands on course designed to equip the mariner or pilot with the skills needed to safely manage a shipboard security incident.  Some of the highlights of the course include:

  • Five intensive days with LIVE fire range training (9mm).
  • Use of force decisions.
  • Unarmed and armed self defense (including some Krav Maga techniques).
  • De-escalation strategies.
  • Harnessing the body's natural response to sudden violence.

What You Should Bring

It is highly suggested that appropriate outwear is brought for the day and expected weather conditions at the small arms range and for the practical exercises during which attendees maybe getting into or out of various face down positions.

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