LNG as Marine Fuel

  • Length365 Days

Course Description

In this ABS approved program, students will gain knowledge of the field as existing vessels are converted over to LNG fueled vessels and new vessels are built as LNG fueled vessels.There will be a greater demand for on board engineers with the training and knowledge in operating engines using LNG as a fuel. Hence, qualified crew members are highly sought after and well-rewarded.   LNG as a Fuel Program which comes with On-line Skills and Training Program that provides a solid knowledge base for those looking to enter the field.

After going through this course, student should be able to,

  • Know the properties of LNG and how to use that as marine fuel

  • Know the system of  LNG bunkering, containment and its utilization on board with all the necessary precautions

  • Understand the changes in equipment design necessary to use LNGF

  • Understand the necessary control systems involved with LNGF operations

  • Know the hazards involved in handling LNGF and the safety precautions thereto.

  • Recognize the importance of training of crew in handling LNGF on board safely

  • Realize some of the market realities that exist toward using the LNG as marine fuel

  • Understand the health, safety and environmental issues involving LNGF.

  • Know the regulatory compliance necessary for ships using LNGF


This course will have an online access period of 365 days.

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