Leadership & Managerial Skills (Blended)

  • Length5 Days

Course Description

This blended (Online and on campus) course  will cover all pertinent areas of senior leadership concepts, techniques and skills as currently reflected in academic writings and as collected from "real life" experiences of individuals who have been in positions of leadership.  Course instructors have been or are responsible for the success of the ships and/or maritime organizations and the individuals who work to support those organizations.  Additionally, the course provides communication, interpersonal conduct, and meeting/group interaction techniques and skills that assist and augment the attendee's efforts to be a successful, safe, and effective leader.

The online portion of this course will be 4-days (28 hours) of lecture, discussion, and exercises led and moderated by a National Maritime Center approved instructor. Upon reopening of campuses, students will spend the remaining 1- day (7 hours) completing in class review, questions, and examinations.

This course satisfies the following:

  • STCW 2010 Leadership and Teamworking Skills within 46 CFR 11.309; 46 CFR 11.319; 46 CFR 11.321, 46 CFR 11.329.
  • Leadership and Managerial Skills within:
    • NVIC 12-14 (Ch 3) Tasks: 17.1.A, 18.1.A – 18.5.A.
    • NVIC 10-14 (Ch 2) & NVIC11-14 (Ch 2) Tasks: 18.1.A – 18.2.A, of 11-14: 18.1.A – 18.3.A
    • NVIC 15-14 Tasks: 7.1.D, 11.1.A, 14.1.A
    • NVIC 16-14 Task: 14.1.A

Prerequisites- None

Suggested Courses/Skills- See NVIC 10-14 (Ch 2), 11-14 (Ch 2), 12-14 (Ch 3) & 13-14.

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