Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Pacific Ocean

  • Length2 Days
  • Pre-requisiteAdvanced Meteorology

Course Description

This course is one of three modules included in the Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing program designed to build off and exceed the minimum requirements of knowledge, understanding, and proficiency in Advanced Meteorology, as defined in STCW code Table A-II/2. This course emphasizes a comprehensive view of general vessel routing assets and systems necessary for management decision making (vessel routing) specific to the Pacific Ocean. This two-day module will also provide mariners already at or seeking management level positions, advanced practical meteorological and oceanographic forecasting applications and exercises to vessel route planning and underway diversions.

A visit to the Ocean Prediction Center is planned for this module.  This will be provided as long as the Ocean Prediction Center staff resources are available and background checks of attendees are cleared.

A 20% module discount is offered to attendees that attend all three modules.

Prerequisite: Students are required to have already completed MITAGS-PMI’s Advanced Meteorology or equivalent course.

What You Will Learn

  • Interpret tropical and extra-tropical weather systems.

  • Recognize extreme episodes such as global “Gap Winds”

  • Consider how meteorological and oceanographic conditions interact with vessel dynamics for minimizing destructive effects on ships and their operations.

  • Demonstrate ability to interpret forecasts, create initial route plans, consider alternatives, and effect timely underway diversions.

  • Physically project/plot specific weather conditions on a predetermined oceanic navigation track plot for visual assessment that demonstrates clear and precise logic that the route chosen is optimum and/or prudent.

  • Apply knowledge of Tropical Cyclone basics and the skills scores of the National Hurricane Center to forecast a track through 72-hours.

  • Apply the 1-2-3 rule using the predicted 34-knot wind radii for Tropical Cyclone avoidance.


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