Gas Carrier Terminal Course/LNG Shoreside PIC

  • Length5 Days
  • Pre-requisiteFire Fighting, First Aid

Course Description

The course is intended to familiarize LNG terminal and shoreside personnel with terminal and liquefied gas tanker safety and cargo operations. LNG tanker types, design, equipment and operations will be described. Terminal equipment such as pumps, hard arms, gas compressors, vaporizers, heat exchangers, and shore storage tanks will also be included. The course was designed and written through the cooperation of the Maritime institute of Technology and the Gas Technology Institute.

Prerequisites: The attendee should have completed an appropriate approved fire-fighting course and an approved course on first aid. These courses are taught onsite at MITAGS and PMI.

Suggested Courses/Skills- None.

What You Will Learn

  • Cargo and cargo equipment
  • Properties and hazards of liquefied gas
  • Cargo containment systems
  • Terminal equipment
  • Cargo equipment and instrumentation
  • Safety precautions and measure
  • Ship/shore interface
  • Emergency procedures