• Length3 Days

Course Description

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This Refresher Course is based on the popular Risk Resource Management Course for Pilots.  MITAGS-PMI worked with Captain Richard Beadon (2013 Plimsol Award Recipient) to update and expand upon lessons learned from previous BRM-P courses. This is a completely revised course with simulations based on more recent incidents/case studies, and includes discussions on the legal use of Portable Pilot Units as well as best practices for team piloting. A core element of the course is the use of specific simulation scenarios that stress the various topics and allow pilots to refine their best practices on the bridge.

Prerequisites- BRMP.

Suggested Courses/Skills- Risk Resource Management Course for Pilots.

What You Will Learn

  • Review of Pilot Role, Legal Standing and Current Regulations and Guidance
  • Human Factors, Communication and Error Trapping
  • Utilizing PPU in conjunction with BRM Principles
  • Team Piloting
  • Revised and up-to-date Case Studies
  • Scenario Based Simulation Training

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