Azipod 3-Day for Pilots

  • Length3 Days
  • Pre-requisiteBasic and Advanced Shiphandling

Course Description

The 3-day Azipod instruction course is designed to introduce the attendee on the unique maneuvering techniques and characteristics of the Azipod propulsion system. The course includes extensive simulator orientation to the "transit" mode (active rudders), "independent maneuvering" mode and the "joystick:" mode. Simulation exercises are designed to provide a realistic transition from one mode to the next during all phases of maneuvering that is from "berth to berth". This course is for experienced maritime pilots or licensed mariners with ship handing experience.

What You Will Learn

  • The theory and use of tractor tugs in the escort role
  • The theory, use and operation of Azipod Propulsion units
  • The theory of Kamewa Joystick steering units