Please be aware that beginning the evening of January 11th, the Alaskan Way Viaduct – a significant section of Highway 99 that runs through downtown Seattle – will be closing permanently in preparation for the opening of its replacement tunnel. There will be an approximate 3 week period during which the Alaskan Way Viaduct and tunnel will both be closed to allow workers to complete the tunnel project. During this time, significant traffic delays are expected.

Please allow for a much longer commute if you are driving into Seattle from any direction during this closure. The city is warning commuting time will be at least double what is typical.

Listed below are some resources for tracking traffic and assisting in navigating alternate routes.

City Traffic Resources

  • Visit for Seattle Squeeze information and resources; and subscribe to daily travel time updates for the paths you take to get to and through downtown Seattle
  • Review the north and south tunnel portal freight maps enclosed with this letter and available at to see how you can move during Viaduct closure and after the SR 99 tunnel opens

Transit Resources

PMI Students Staying at the Holiday Inn, Seattle Center

  • Be sure to check with the hotel front desk to verify departure time of the PMI shuttle. Shuttle times may be adjusted as needed to adapt to traffic patterns.

If you are running late for a course, please contact our Front Office at 206-441-2880 to let someone know. Keep in mind that completing a course and earning your USCG approved certificate depends on completion of the required amount of clock hours for that course. If you miss more than 10% of any given course, you cannot earn your course certificate, so please plan accordingly and leave early to arrive at the school on time.