Update – April 15, 2020

Both MITAGS East and West Coast in-house classroom and simulation training activities remain suspended due to government orders over concerns of the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19.

We continue to monitor the situation and government directives regarding stay home orders and eventual reopening of operations.

Please note all in person classes and simulator rental session are cancelled through May 4th.

We now offer blended learning options for a variety of USCG and VA approved courses.  Blended learning involves online and in-person learning.  Firstly, course materials will be delivered remotely, via an online platform.   The second portion of your course, will be completed on campus since some USCG approved courses, require assessments (exams and practical exercises) to be completed in person. Dates of in-person course completion will be determined.

We now offer the following blended learning options:


For those attendees that have classes scheduled after May 4th, both campuses will re-evaluate guidance, executive orders and any other relevant information the week of April 27th. We will do our best to provide notice at that time regarding our return to normal operations.

**Please do not make any travel arrangements until your course has been confirmed by Admissions.**

In an effort to keep you up to date on the current pandemic and how it is particularly affecting the maritime industry and MITAGS community, we’ve compiled some of the best resources and information we could find. Click this link to access our COVID-19 FAQs page.

If you have any additional questions, especially regarding any upcoming training needs, please know that MITAGS is here to help as best we can!

Please contact us via e-mail if you have questions or concerns.


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