Effective Communication – Virtual

  • Length1 Days

Course Description

This 1-day course provides an overview of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques to assist participants in improving their communication skills. The course uses practical exercises to improve communication techniques and identify barriers that prevent effective communication, for example: assumptions, confirmation bias, groupthink, emotional traps, closed mindedness, complex and disorganized messaging, and other communication hijackers.


Key learning objectives include:


  • List characteristics of an effective communicator
  • Describe ways to ensure effective communication through speech and behavior
  • Describe how to motivate others through communication
  • Explain the effects of different communication barriers and styles
  • Describe the communication process
  • Demonstrate effective communication techniques
  • Demonstrate effective questioning techniques
  • Describe how to better understand each other
  • Describe how to avoid conflict through communication

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  • CourseEffective Communication – Virtual
  • DateOct 22 2021 to Oct 22 2021
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